Rules and manners

Event character/participation conditions

The U. Trail Lamer Winkel is a trail running event in the Bavarian Forest. Some of the route sections include difficult trails, exposed areas and short climbing passages that require specific previous experience and knowledge from each participant.

This means:

  • Each participant must have general alpine experience.
  • Each competitor must be aware of the length of the course and the physical challenge and be prepared for the competition.
  • Each participant confirms with his/her acceptance tick in the registration that he/she is fully fit for participation in this endurance competition with extreme physical strain. In addition, each participant assures that this fitness for sport has been examined and confirmed by a sports doctor before the competition.
  • Every participant must be sure-footed and have a head for heights on technically demanding paths and climbs.
  • Each participant must have good orientation skills in the demanding terrain, even in poor weather and visibility conditions. This also includes orientation using topographical maps and route information.
  • Every participant must be informed about how to behave in emergencies in the demanding terrain.
  • Each participant accepts the cut-off times that have been set and announced before the race.
  • All persons who have reached the age of 18 at the start of the event and are therefore of legal age are entitled to participate

This required previous experience and knowledge cannot be checked by us as the organizer. By submitting the entry, the participant confirms that he has the experience and knowledge listed. The points listed by the organizer for this experience and knowledge are not final, but rather serve as examples and general empirical values.


Two routes are offered at the U. Trail Lamer Winkel. Both routes lead through the Bavarian Forest in the Lamer Winkel area.

  • König vom Bayerwald: 54 km and 2,700 vertical meters
  • Osser Riese: 24 km and 1200 m ascent

An alternative route is provided in the event of storms or other hazards.


  • Men / Women
  • M30 / W30 (above 30 years – deadline is the date of event)
  • M40 / W40 (above 40 years – deadline is the date of event)
  • M50 / W50 (above 50 years – deadline is the date of event)
  • M60 / W60 (above 60 years – deadline is the date of event)
  • M70 / W70 (above 70 years – deadline is the date of event)

The minimum number of participants per category is 10 registrations. If the minimum number of participants in a category is not reached, the participants will be evaluated in the next category (e.g. M70 in category M60).

Clothing / Equipment

It is mandatory to have the following equipment with you throughout the competition:

  • Wind/rain jacket
  • Gloves and hat (weather and temperature dependent, will be announced at race briefing)
  • Drinking container for at least 1 liter (no drinking cups at the aid stations)
  • Emergency equipment (first aid kit with plasters, wound dressing, gauze bandage, rescue blanket)
  • Mobile phone with stored emergency number

The organizer will randomly check whether the equipment/clothing is carried along during the competition before the start and at the checkpoints. Failure to carry the equipment/clothing will result in disqualification.

Bib number

Each participant will receive their start number by presenting their identity card when the start number is issued. This must be worn clearly visible on the front of the body at all times throughout the race and must not be covered by clothing. The starting number is personal and non-transferrable. The advertising on the start numbers must not be covered. The race number must never be removed unless the competitor is disqualified for breaking a rule or the competitor retires early.


The time is taken using disposable transponders from a timekeeping company. The transponder is attached to the back of the start number and must not be removed! It electronically measures the individual time of each participant.

Briefing / Start

The race briefing will be published online the evening before. In the briefing, the participants are made aware of the special features of the route, weather, changes, etc. by the responsible race director and head of the course.

The starting line-up begins 30 minutes before the official start time (depending on the number of participants registered). The additional up-to-date briefing for all starters by the responsible race director and route boss begins about 15 minutes before the official start time.

Neutralized start

A neutralized start will be announced by the responsible race director and route boss at the briefing. During a neutralized start, overtaking the lead vehicle is not permitted.

Marking of the route

90 percent of the route of the U. Trail Lamer Winkel is permanently marked. In addition, it is marked by an experienced and competent marking team with marking spray, kilometer signs (every 5 kilometers), directional arrows, warning tapes, etc. There are also marshals at important points along the track. However, there is no entitlement to a continuous marking of the route, which would make your own orientation in the terrain superfluous. Usually you will find a marker at least every kilometer. In particular, in the event of heavy rain, snowfall or other unfavorable weather conditions, the marking may disappear, be covered or not be visible in good time, which is why every participant must carry the route map of the respective route with them. It should also be noted that unfortunately it can sometimes be the case that the markings are removed by third parties. The additional markers are removed by the trailing runners immediately after the last runner.

Aid stations

  • 54k: 4 aid stations
  • 26k: 2 aid stations

Aid stations:

At each aid station there is water, sports drinks, energy bars, energy gels and fruit for the participants. The exact location of the aid station can be found on the map and is numbered from V1-V4. The participant must ensure that he always carries sufficient food and drink with him. The exact equipment of the aid stations can be found in the athletes' guide. There are no drinking cups at the aid stations. Drinking containers with a capacity of 1 liter are mandatory, an additional collapsible drinking cup or similar is recommended. The distribution at the refreshment points is carried out by the responsible staff. There is no self-service.


There are checkpoints (intermediate times) on the route. Participants who do not pass a control point and still reach the finish later will not be counted.

Time limits

There are strict time limits (finish time: 6:30 p.m., cut times at the refreshment points at the corner 9:30 a.m., targets 2:30 p.m.), by which the participants must pass the respective control points at the latest. However, these time limits can be adjusted and changed accordingly by the race director and route boss to the current conditions on the route and the weather conditions. If the time limits are not adhered to, the participants concerned will be taken out of the race by the race director and head of the course, by the control point employees or the final runners in the interest of their own safety.


The official scoring of the race takes place at the finish. The participants will be recorded electronically according to the order of arrival at the finish. This is followed by the official ranking of the race.

There is also a strict time limit (6:30 p.m.) at the finish line, by which the participants must reach the finish line at the latest. If the time limit at the finish is not adhered to, the participants concerned will be removed from the ranking. Participants who were taken out of the race by the race director and head of the course or by the employees of the checkpoints or final runners on the course because they exceeded the time limit, or who do not reach the finish line due to injury, but who arrive at the finish line with other means of transport, do not appear on the official result list.

Drop-out from the race

Participants who, for whatever reason (e.g. exhaustion, injury, etc.) decide to drop out of the race must inform the organizer (emergency number) immediately. For participants who do not cancel their registration under the telephone number provided, the organizer will initiate a search operation (possibly using mountain rescue services and helicopters) at the participant's expense.

Penalties and Disqualification

The jury reserves the right to disqualify participants or impose time penalties of between 5 and 120 minutes, e.g. B. because of:

  • Non-compliance with the rules
  • Non-observance of the instructions of the responsible race director and chief of course, chief of rescue, the person in charge of the control point as well as the official intermediate and final runners
  • Non-observance of the road traffic regulations
  • Incomplete equipment
  • Denial of equipment control
  • Environmental pollution
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Not passing a checkpoint
  • Failure to provide first aid
  • Health problems of a participant
  • Doping
  • Arbitrary route shortcuts

Medical emergency

Rescue workers are deployed along the route and, if necessary, are provided by local (mountain) rescue workers and always by our race doctor. In emergencies and medically relevant questions, the participants receive medical help as quickly as possible.


The organizer reserves the right to carry out unannounced doping controls. Every case of doping leads to the immediate disqualification of the respective participant.

Help from outside

No participant may seek help from third parties (spectators, supervisors, other participants) - with the exception of falls, injuries and other emergency situations - during the race. The only exceptions to this are the handing out of food, drinks, clothing or replacement materials by companions standing by the wayside, as well as medical assistance.

Environment / Conservation

Since the U. Trail Lamer Winkel largely leads through the nature and landscape conservation area of the Bavarian Forest, environmental behavior is strictly controlled. Throwing away any kind of waste outside of the checkpoints or intentionally damaging nature will result in drastic time penalties or immediate disqualification. Stay on the tracks along the entire route!

In particular, we refer to the provisions:

Special U. Trail Lamer Winkel rules

  • The U. TRAIL LAMER WINKEL takes place on public and non-closed roads, forest roads and hiking trails.
  • Participants must obey the road traffic regulations at all times. All participants must follow the instructions of the police, the race director and course manager as well as other course personnel.
  • The U. TRAIL LAMER WINKEL runs mostly on hiking trails through the Bavarian Forest. Away from the official route, there may be a risk of falling, why shortcutting or self-chosen route variants are prohibited. Each participant runs at their own risk.
  • Every participant has to exercise the necessary caution in unclear or dangerous sections of the route. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit overtaking on dangerous sections of the route or to urge participants to reduce their walking or running speed and exercise appropriate caution.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change sections of the route at short notice or to replace them with alternative routes due to the weather.
  • Support vehicles must not impede the course of the race in any way; support from a moving support vehicle is not permitted. Impairments to the course of the race or hindrances caused by support vehicles can be punished by the jury with time penalties or disqualification of the supported participant. If escort vehicles are encountered on sections of route that are closed to public traffic, this will result in immediate disqualification of the competitor who was or should be assisted by the escort vehicle.
  • For reasons of nature conservation law, companions/supervisors of individual participants are strictly prohibited from soiling or even damaging the route and/or the surrounding nature. This includes in particular spraying or painting the route with appeals to the starting participants, even if this is done with biodegradable chalk spray. Failure by companions/carers will result in immediate disqualification of the participant(s) who have been or should be assisted by these measures.
  • It is forbidden to dispose of waste such as food packaging, bottles or drinking cups in nature, except directly at the checkpoints in the waste containers provided for this purpose. Violation will result in immediate disqualification.
  • In general, the following rule applies when using sticks: Whoever starts with sticks must also carry them with them to the finish. Conversely, no participant who started without sticks may have them handed to him on the way.
  • The commandment of consideration, sportiness and fairness applies to all participants

Protest and jury

In the event of rule violations by other participants or against decisions by the race management, each participant can lodge a protest in the race office and name witnesses up to one hour after the finish line has closed. A jury of three members (race director and head of course, head of timekeeping, head of organization) will deal with the protest and announce a decision within 24 hours. All named witnesses must appear at the protest hearing. The protest fee is EUR 100.00. If the protest is lost, the protest fee remains with the organizer. The violations listed above, which can lead to time penalties or disqualifications, are only an excerpt from other possible actions that can be punished with penalties.

Cancellation between participant and organizer

The organizer reserves a contractual right of termination in the form of a right of withdrawal according to §§ 324, 241 paragraph 2 BGB towards each individual participant until the official end of the event. The processing then takes place according to § 346 BGB.

Image-, film- and sound-rights

Image and film material will be created during the event and the supporting program. The participants agree that the image and film material may be used without restriction for information, advertising and marketing purposes. The participants are not entitled to compensation for the image or film recordings.


By submitting the entry, each participant declares that they have read, understood and agree to the regulations.

The start is at your own risk. In particular, each participant is responsible for his or her physical fitness. At the beginning of the event, the participant declares in a binding manner that there are no health concerns about his participation and that his physical performance level corresponds to the requirements of such an endurance competition. The organizer reserves the right to prevent participants from starting or to remove them from the race at any time if they have medical concerns!

Claims for damages by the participant against the organizer or the third party commissioned by the organizer to carry out the event, regardless of the legal reason, are excluded.

If the participant commissions third parties, e.g. emergency services, the costs incurred are to be borne by the participant himself or the organizer has the right to collect any costs incurred from the participant.

Furthermore, all participants are subject to the provisions of the StVO.

No liability is assumed for theft or other cases of damage.

Disclaimer Bayerische Staatsforsten

Entering the forest is at your own risk. The BaySF points out the dangers in the forest, especially away from the paths, e.g. dead or diseased trees and branches, roots, rocks, bodies of water, insects, poisonous plants. A traffic safety obligation of the BaySF in the forest and on the forest-equivalent areas, e.g. B. Forest paths do not exist. The participant was informed that he is responsible for himself. The BaySF assumes no liability whatsoever. The BaySF can give the participant a place reference if there are important reasons.


By registering to participate in this event, the participant consents to the storage and use of his personal data by the organizer, for payment processing and organization of the event, the publication and distribution of the results, the photos taken in connection with the event - and film recordings, as well as the use and disclosure of personal data in the context of advertising and market and opinion research.

Sportograf data privacy statement for events

At our event, Sportograf Digital Solutions GmbH (web: is used as media partner and exclusive photo service provider. If you take part in an event at which Sportograf (hereinafter: "we") was commissioned by the client as the exclusive photo service, we may collect video or image material on which you can be identified personally. We use the data collected at the sporting events to fulfill our obligation as a photo service provider from the underlying contract with the client and in our own economic interest to send the photos or videos of the event to interested participants via our website market. Based on our many years of experience in the field of event photography, we can state that, on the one hand, the participants of the sporting events are transparently informed that Sportograf is used as the exclusive photo service provider and, on the other hand, that every participant of such an event must reckon with the fact that the client or his cooperation partner Photos of such events are marketed as memories or souvenirs. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. To capture the corresponding photos, we only use photographers who we have committed to data protection under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In addition to manual image searches using location and time, we also offer a search using the start number or a picture (selfie). With the latter, we use an algorithm to determine the anonymous and non-personal characteristics of the participants, regardless of the starting number, which can later be used to find the personal photos. The legal basis is our aforementioned legitimate interests according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO. You can object to this processing. You can find more information about the handling of this personal data and your right of objection in the data protection declaration at

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